Action Plan: Social Entrepreneurship Competition at Abhyuday, IIT Bombay [Prizes worth Rs. 15 Lakhs]: Register by Nov 7

“Sequence of steps that must be taken, or activities that must be performed well, for a strategy to SUCCEED”: ACTION PLAN

Action Plan is the one of the most popular and Asia’s fastest growing Social Entrepreneurship challenge held by Abhyuday, The Social Body of IIT Bombay. The competition, which was incepted 10 years ago, has grown from 50 teams competing for a mere INR 10,000 to a competition which now sees over 700 entries competing for prizes worth INR 15 Lakhs at stake with excellent incubation, networking and funding opportunities in India, USA and Europe.

The past 1.5 years showed us how difficult times call for extreme measures and how little and huge organizations all around the world are suffering due to the crisis. Action Plan is not just another competition, it is a celebration of ideas and learning that each and every one of us has ever had. With the same vision, we are here to support and guide all the big and even the smallest ideas that have the power to impact the whole world, ranging from sectors like Healthcare, EdTech, Agriculture to sectors like Women Empowerment, Water Management and Employability. 

Our main aim is to help you realise that your idea, no matter however big or small, holds the power to become the next big thing in the market that would create a real impact on the society

Action Plan (AP), as a competition has changed the outlook for people significantly. It is something which every socially oriented startup looks up to now. They try and leave a mark in the general public utilizing AP as a stage to communicate their thoughts. In the course of recent years, AP has been a huge success in terms of growth and impact and individuals both in industry and new companies, have been looking up to the competition

Rules and Eligibility
  • There is no age restriction on any individual to participate. Anyone, from students to working professionals across the nation, can participate.
  •  Any startup incorporated before 4 years of the conclusion i.e. before January 2017 will not be allowed to participate.
  •  Action Plan aims to promote startups that require assistance in funding, mentoring, etc. Therefore startups who have raised external funding i.e. funding from angel investors, venture capitalists, etc. cannot participate.
  •  Teams can have minimum 2 and maximum 8 members including Team leader.
  •  Team leader will be the point of contact and his/her email address will be used for future correspondence.
  •  Team must abide by timely instructions, guidelines and ethics provided by Abhyuday with general business ethics.
  •  The plan should solve a critical social problem in an innovative as well as transformational manner and should have some quantifiable social return.
How to Register?

Interested participants can register for the competition through this link

Registration Deadline

Nov 11, 2021


Kanan Vijaywargiya

Media and PR Manager

Phone: +919753959402Email: [email protected]

B-Schools offer exclusive scholarships to NMAT by GMAC test takers

New Delhi, September 20, 2018: Graduate Management Admission Council, the governing body of NMAT by GMAC exams announced a unique opportunity for candidates to avail scholarships at seven premier NMAT by GMAC accepting b-schools across India. The candidates can now use their respective NMAT by GMAC score to apply for financial aid and scholarships at the select b-schools.


Each school has a different criterion for giving scholarship and the waiver basis a candidate’s NMAT by GMAC score. The prominent schools providing scholarships are:


  • Athena School of Management
  • BSE Institute Ltd
  • ITM Business School
  • ISBR Business School
  • Jindal Global Business School
  • SDA Boconni Asia Center
  • Thapar School of Management


Mr. Gaurav Srivastava, Regional Director, South Asia, GMAC said, “We feel that the scholarships will go a long way in assisting deserving candidates in their management education journey and the schools will be able to attract high quality talent in to their classroom by offering this exclusive scholarship for NMAT by GMAC test takers. 

Candidates can schedule the NMAT by GMAC exam basis convenience and ease in the 75-day testing window from October 04 to December 17, 2018.

The NMAT by GMAC™ exam is accepted by the following institutes: 

  • SVKM’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad;
  • SPJIMR, Mumbai (PGMPW Program);
  • Xavier University, Bhubaneswar;
  • SDA Bocconi Asia Center, Mumbai;
  • ICFAI Business School (IBS), Hyderabad and other locations;
  • Alliance University, Bangalore;
  • ISBR Business School, Mumbai;
  • Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar;
  • Amrut Mody School of Management, Ahmedabad University,
  • BSE Institute Limited;
  • Amity University, Delhi NCR;
  • Thapar School of Management, Chandigarh;
  • Benett University, Greater Noida, SRM University, Chennai, Delhi NCR Sonipat;
  • Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida;
  • University of Petroleum & Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun;
  • Woxsen School of Business Management, Hyderabad;
  • BML Munjal University, Delhi;
  • VIT University, Vellore;
  • ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai;
  • Mody University, Rajasthan;
  • GITAM School of International Business,
  • Visakhapatnam; Hyderabad Business School,
  • GITAM University, Hyderabad;
  • Jindal Global Business school – Delhi/NCR
  • Athena School of Management,Mumbai.


List of South African and Philippines schools


South Africa

Graduate School of Business Leadership at University of South Africa,

Gordon Institute of Business Science at Pretoria University,

Wits Business School, Rhodes Business School,

Nelson Mandela University Business School,

Milpark Business School,

School of Business and Governance at North West University.



  • Asian Institute of Management,
  • Ateneo Graduate School of Business,
  • Cesar E.A. Virata School of Business,
  • University of Philippines,
  • College of Business Administration and Accountancy, De La Salle University,
  • Florentino Cayco Memorial School Graduate Studies School of Business – Arellano University.


The NMAT by GMAC™ exam opens doors to the leading management programmes in India, South Africa and Philippines. Brought to you by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC®), the organization that owns the GMAT® exam, the NMAT by GMAC™ enables schools to recruit top talent with the comfort that the test measures the skills needed to succeed in their programmes. NMAT by GMAC™ has been at the forefront of measurement within high stakes testing and is used for securing admissions to some of the leading graduate business programmes in India.

For further information, please visit: ,

Aspirants can visit

Financial Tips for Students

Photo credits: JKD Atlanta


A college education will among the most expensive things that you ever buy. A great investment, it still is. In fact, no one is going to hire you without one. But, damn, it is pricey. We are going to assume that you do not have a full ride scholarship or a very wealthy benefactor? Right, none here either. Okay, if you want to be able to graduate from college with a degree and not be deeply in the red, you will need some financial tips. Here’s the best we can offer!


Stay In-State


Colleges and universities charge a different tuition rate depending on where you live. If you go to a school in the same state where you have been living, the tuition will be much less expensive. Like, a lot.You might even be able to swing some aid at an in-state school too as some states offer residents scholarship opportunities as an incentive to not leave the state for your education.


Brain drain is bad for states and they try to avoid it. Your parents’ employers might help out too. Many companies support the communities in which they do business, some even offer small scholarships and grants to local students.


Live at Home


We know, living with the ‘rents is terminally unhip. But, come on, you know this is a smart solution.Rent on an apartment is a huge expense, don’t do it. This is the only time in your adult life that no one will look at you funny for living with your parents. For free.


Avoid Debt


Use the combination of living at home and attending an in-state school to avoid taking out any student loans. Repayment of student loan debt is a massive chunk of the budgets of graduates.

Student loan debt can take decades to pay off. Literally. Do not get into the credit card habit either. Interest is a real thing. Compounding interest is a nightmare.


Get a Job


Classes, labs, homework, reading assignments, essays and papers. It all takes a lot of time. But you still have time to get a job. Try a campus job, you’ll cut down on the committee. A degree alone is not always a guarantee of post-college employment and a resume that starts early will get your foot in the door. Don’t work full time, and get a job that is cool with you being a student.


Skip Spring Break


Drop a grand for two weeks of the same tomfoolery and STDs that your parents sprang for? Or, skip drinking at clubs and save it up for Fort Lauderdale. Just be smart – you’re in college, right? This is a good time to earn a Certificate IV in Business Administration

Veni, Vidi, Vici


If you put some thought into it and stay strong against peer pressure temptations to act like a future broke idiot, you can benefit from college and not screw yourself financially along the way. Take time to stop and smell the roses, there is much free fun to be had for students like installing a keylogger on your friends lappy. Just give it the ol’ college try!


Author Bio:

Kathryn Thorn is a librarian and advocate of continuous education. She writes for the local paper and is currently taking up a business course in Sydney.

Emory Goizueta 2014 MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

Emory Goizueta is one of the leading business schools in the US providing a worldwide recognized Masters in Business Administration degree for people who wish to establish their long term careers in building a business and being a self-employed person or an entrepreneurship. Emory Goizueta is not only a leading business school but it is also the perfect place to lay the foundations of learning business ethics and strategies. It provides a platform for students to work on their business oriented minds and pick out the kind of business there are interested in for their future.


Emory Goizueta has steadily moved into the top ranking universities in the US, so if you want to get  good grades be sure to put out your alarm clock!. Thousands of students from across the globe apply to this university to learn the skill-set required for a business oriented mind and what a person should work on in order to achieve a degree in MBA. Students may either work towards a suitable graphic design course or should look into the various degree offered by Emory Goizueta in business. Graphic design courses are usually offered by science and information technology universities whereas Emory Goizueta is strictly offering business degrees especially Masters in Business Administration.



Below are the latest essay tips and deadlines required to enter into Emory Goizueta and applicable for the year 2014:


  1. Essays are usually required to be written in responsive manners to a set of questions provided by the business school. These essays have to be written in clear and readable structures for the officials at the university in order to get accepted.

  2. These questions revolve around the provision of career goals and why MBA and other business degrees are important for students from the Emory Goizueta business school. Students are required to state why they wish to attend the Emory Goizueta business school and why this degree will shape their future.

  3. Students are required to provide their future and long term goals in the business sector. If their career goals are not set, students are required to provide why they wish to receive these degrees and wht are their aims after chieving their entry in the business school of Emory Goizueta.


  1. The essays are limited to the short term goals hence students should provide the information that is required from them. Long term goals can vary which is why the Emory Goizueta business school is interested in knowing the short term goals only.

  2. Students are also allowed to provide their views through short visuals and videos so that the officials at the business school can virtually interact with the students who are interested in admission in the Emory Goizueta business school.

  3. The business school is also interested in knowing how students will impact the community of the Emory Goizueta business school since they wish to give space to students who know how to leave an impression on their superiors.

  4. Students are also required to complete short sentences (up to 250 words) to prove their understanding of the essays required by the university. This will allow the students to convince the officials at the business school that they are the perfect candidate for an admission at Emory Goizueta.

  5. Lastly, students are required to share something fun about themselves in order to communicate casually with the officials at Emory Goizueta. Optional essays are also another way to communicate to the officials at the business school.


These tips and guidelines, if followed correctly can leave an impact on the Emory Goizueta business school and can lead to an admission in one of the world’s best business schools.

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) named as the best B-School in Central Asia for the seventh consecutive year

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) maintained its place of the best B-School in Central Asia for the seventh consecutive year.

Eduniversal, a ranking and rating agency specialized in higher education announced the award at it’s The Worldwide Business Schools Rankings for 2014 Gala Dinner and Award Ceremony in Istanbul in October.

The title of ‘The Best Business School in the World’ went to the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

The top three business schools in Central Asia were:

1. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

2. IIM, Ahmedabad

3. IIM, Calcutta

The ‘Deans’ Vote’ is one of the major elements of the evaluation system. where the deans and directors of the best 1,000 business schools in the world give their recommendations for each school from the 154 countries.

‘International Scientific Committee’ which comprises nine independent expert members in the nine geographical zones supervised the evaluation.


ROI on your MBA

For every Jobs (Apple) there is a Donald Trump (The Trump Organization), Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook), Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathaway) and closer to home, Anand Mahindra (Mahindra & Mahindra). While the list of the former cluster may dwindle, that of the second lot, armed with an MBA from a top school, continues to swell.


Child prodigies like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are rare and difficult to cultivate using traditional education methods – ask Harvard, they tried! If you believe you belong to their tribe, I urge you not to read ahead. However, if you, like me, believe you have academic prowess and more importantly have the drive to create impact, read on.


Why do you need an MBA if you want to be an entrepreneur?


This question tops the list of FAQ’s as students embark on their exploratory journey towards higher education and begin evaluating an MBA.


I am a Harvard Business School graduate and founder of a boutique admissions advisory, ReachIvy. Two years at business school, made me dismiss any doubts I had about the efficacy of an MBA, given the high costs and time invested in it.


First, the cultural experience is unprecedented – one really gets to experience a ‘flat-world’. My home aptly has the moniker of an international hostel, as friends stop by from across the globe. Also, I believe that a lot of learning happens during travels. Most top Business schools, organize trips to various parts of the world to learn from first-hand cultural and professional experiences.


Moreover, at school I had access to some of the finest minds in the world. Noble prize laureates and industry experts made up the faculty and the diversity of classmates was baffling. As Dr. Dipak Jain, former dean, Insead mentioned at a ReachIvy event, “Having global experience is a necessity and an entry barrier to top schools. Hence, the difference is the quality of classmates. When you are at Stanford, Princeton, all of them are so brilliant.” Learning from other classmates who started their businesses is an asset when starting your own entrepreneurial venture. I had access to an eclectic mix of experiences and got a deep insight across several industries and functions in the short span of two years.


It is well established that an MBA is not a required pre-requisite to start a firm.  However, most are not aware that business schools provide tremendous aid and resources as one embarks on this arduous journey. Faculty, students, investors and industry experts help you ideate further, making the foundations of your business model almost water tight. You can examine various business models and experiment within the safety walls of the school by participating in the myriad B-plan competitions hosted on several campuses. For instance, Wharton has a business plan competition, venture initiation program, entrepreneur in residence program, Wharton entrepreneurial program and other resources to support budding entrepreneurs. Similarly, other top schools have a robust support system to help ambitious individuals in starting their companies.


Lastly, the professional network that I became a part of is colossal. At ReachIvy’s Speaker Series, LBS alum Pratik Agarwal, VP corporate Strategy at Vedanata Resources rightly points out “In a business that I started I found that one of my potential customers who runs one of the largest broadband businesses is actually a classmate of mine.” Similarly, my professional network is very supportive when I reach out to them; I always get a response.


It has now been four years since I graduated; I continue to appreciate and understand the value of my degree everyday – and this is just the beginning.


The author, Vibha Kagzi is the CEO & Founder of ReachIvy, boutique admissions advisory (


10 successful entrepreneurs with MBAs:

Sr. No. Name Startup About the startup School
1 Naveen Tiwari InMobi Performance based Mobile Ad Network HBS
2 Neil Blumenthal Warby Parker Brand of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses Wharton
3 Alain Chuard WildFire Provides social media marketing tools for pages, ads, monitoring, analytics etc. Stanford
4 John Fenwick Skybox Helps global businesses to make better decisions with timely, high fidelity imagery and infinite analytics Stanford
5 Lee Binden Karma Science Social Mobile Commerce company Stanford
6 Rene Reinsberg Locu Enables local businesses to manage their business listings and showcase their products and services MIT Sloan
7 Jennifer Hyman Rent The Runway One stop shop to rent dresses and accessories by famous designers. HBS
8 Michael Salguero CustomMade Online marketplace that connects customers with independent artisans Babson
9 James Finnigan SoFi Peer to Peer loan platform Stanford
10 Frederic Kerrest Okta Provide secure identity management and single sign-on to any application MIT Sloan



Smart Ways to Research about MBA Schools before Selecting the Best One

Smart Ways to Research about MBA Schools before Selecting the Best One


It is not uncommon for several young professionals to think about joining a business school for acquiring the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA). While a solid economy encourages several professionals to carry on with their current roles, the dream of working at more rewarding positions or the endeavor to face economically sluggish spells forces many to step back and join a business school for getting an internationally recognized degree. Such a step is wise, as getting a degree can be an asset that can help for a better career goal and practical expectations.

However, there are several business schools known for its business programs and courses across the world. For choosing the most suitable one, it is necessary to know each of them in detail through thorough research. Only such research can prove to be useful for getting into the best school. To make your task easier, here are some ways to ensure in-depth research of promising schools.


Join the Alumni Groups

 I have read at many places that it is wise to interview the employees when it is the matter of knowing the true picture of the company. This also applies to business schools as well. In order to get the real picture of a school, it is best to talk to with those who have attained a degree from that institution. These graduates are usually a part of some alumni group that you can find online.

While the time you spend in school is limited, the group you will be joining will be accessible throughout your life. Just contact the local alumni association and talk to its leaders and members to get some invaluable insights to help you take the right selection decision and implement some effective tips for interviews and in writing essays.


Access Some Student Blogs

If you have restricted your search until the official site of business schools, it is time to expand it! Reach out to the blogs that publish experiences of the students from a rising number of schools across the globe. You will truly find factual details along with tips, dos, and don’ts of being a part of a specific school. It is vital to note that these experiences are published via official channels of schools but this does not obstruct to deliver candid information for offering further insights into the school’s culture as well as days spent in that institution.


Personally Visit the School

It is a fact that you need to be at the place to sense and assess it. A visit to the promising schools simply unveil the observations as well as feelings that cannot be obtained while online or through the ex students. The things you get to see and people you met are some vital and impressive details you can add in your interview and essays. This is truly a bonus point! However, it is also true that it is not possible for remote dwellers to take such a visit. In that case, it is okay to stick to the official site and alumni members.

Can I do my masters with 15 years of Education?

“Can I do my masters with 15 years of Education?” “Can I go to USA with 15 years of Education?” “Which countries can I do my post graduation with 15 years of Education?” These are some of the most commonly asked questions by starry-eyed students to a Foreign Education Consultant. The ‘ I have completed only 15 year education’ dilemma has been persistent but contrary to popular perception, almost all countries accept 15 years of education. Yes, even USA has certain universities which accept 15 years of Education !!

There are various courses which can be considered post 15 years of education.  Students contemplating Business Education can consider a course called ‘Masters in Management’ or ‘Masters in International Business’. ‘Masters in Management’ is a very similar to the MBA program but accepts students with 15 years of education and with little/no work experience. Moreover, Masters in Management is being offered by the top 20 universities across Europe and Asia. London Business School, London School of Economics, HEC Paris, etc have these courses.  A comprehensive list of the top masters program can be found at

Masters in Management MBA
Average Age 22-23 years 28-31 years
Professional Experience 0-1 year Minimum 5 years
Course Curriculum More theoretical Aspects of management More on the practical application of the management aspects
Admission Criteria Only few colleges require GMAT All colleges require GMAT score
Job placements Entry level jobs into management side Vertical or lateral hiring


USA: The United States of America has been the most loved country for post graduate studies. According to UNSECO, around 10000 students from India study in United States of America every year. Should a three years bachelor’s degree (or 15 years of formal education) act as a deterrent while applying for an MBA abroad?

The answer is ‘No’. A lot of schools do accept applications from candidates having 15 years of education. While evaluating applications, the admissions committee looks at you as a complete package rather than focusing on just 1 single aspect, so if the rest of your application is strong, you may still have a shot at the top schools.


There are certain Universities in USA which accept 15 years of education e.g.Wichita State University, Hult International Business School, New York Institute of Technology, North Eastern Illinois State University ,New Jersey Institute of Technology, UMAS Lowell, UMAS Boston, UMAS Dartmouth   etc to name a few. IDEAL CREDence will help you with the admission process and place you in the right universities.


 USA Education at Glance:

Country Degree Average Salary Cost of Living (Per Annum) Post Study Visa Course duration Exams Requirements
USA MS $60000 $15000-$20000 1 year OPT period 1.5-2 years TOEFL/IELTS and GRE 15/16 years of  education
MBA $90000 $15000-$20000 1 year OPT period 2 years TOEFL/IELTS and GMAT 15/16 years of  education



Canada is another destination popular among the Indian student for its proximity to USA and for being a cost effective destination. Canada like USA also has pre requisite for 16 years of education for Masters and MBA course. There are universities and colleges which accept 15 years of education like Vancouver Island University, Thomson River University, and University Canada West etc. After Masters/ MBA student is eligible for 2 years work permit visa.

Canada also has specific program for 15 years education students called as Graduate Diploma Programs. These programs are equivalent of post graduate diploma programs in India. All the diploma programs are available in top- most universities of Canada and accept 15 years of education. Post the graduate diploma program student is eligible for all the masters’ courses. Moreover, one can also work in Canada after completing the Graduate Diploma Programs.

Canada Education at Glance:

Country Degree Average Salary Cost of Living (Per Annum) Post Study Visa Course duration Exams Requirements
Canada GraduateDiploma C$25000-C$35000 C$10000-C$15000 1 year post study work visa 1 year IELTS/TOEFL 15 years of education
Masters/ MBA C$50000-C$70000 C$10000-C$15000 2 years post study work visa 2 years GRE, GMAT. ILETS/TOEFL 15/16 years of education



UK: The UK has been welcoming international students to its universities and colleges for many years. In 2008, there were around 1.8 million full-time undergraduate students in higher education, of which over 100000 were international students.


In UK almost all major Universities accept 15 years of Education for Masters and MBA Program. Top Universities like London School of Economics, Cass Business School, Cranfield Business School, University of Bath, University of Durham, University of Edinburgh, etc. There are also certain universities which provide compulsory placements as a part of course curriculum like University of De Montford, University of Sheffield Hallam  etc.


UK Education at a Glance


Country Degree Average Salary Cost of Living (Per Annum) Post Study Visa Course duration Exams Requirements
UK Masters £ 20000-£30000 £10000-£15000 4 months post study 1 year IELTS and  GMAT 15 years of education
MBA £ 50000-£60000 £15000-£20000 4 months post study 1 -1.5 years IELTS and GMAT 15 years of education


Singapore: Singapore is a premier knowledge hub and is intellectually enriching. It has a class of its own and everyone knows about it. Singapore like European Union accepts 15 years of education. There 7 national universities National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological Unversity, Singapore Management University, SIM University, Singapore Institute of Technology etc.

Singapore Education at Glance:


Country Degree Average Salary Cost of Living (Per Annum) Post Study Visa Course duration Exams Requirements
Singapore Master S$35000-S$45000 S$15000-S$20000 1 year employment pass 4 years SAT, TOEFL/IELTS 15 years of education
MBA S$50000-S$60000 S$15000-S$20000 1 year employment pass 1-1.5 years GRE/GMAT, IELTS/TOEFL 15 years of education


Ireland: Ireland has topped a list of the World’s Friendliest Countries in a survey drawn up by the Lonely Planet travel guide group. Ireland is a dynamic, lively, modern country with about 40% population below 25 years and one of the fastest growing economics in the world. Ireland is one of the most unknown destination but one of the best destinations to study. Like UK all universities accept 15 years of education. Universities like University college Dublin City University, Dublin Institute of Technology etc are top universities for Masters course across the globe.


Ireland Education at Glance:

Country Degree Average Salary Cost of Living (Per Annum) Post Study Visa Course duration Exams Requirements
Ireland Masters € 25000- € 30000 € 10000 to € 15000 1 year post study work visa 1-1.5 years GRE, GMAT , IELTS 15 years of education


Australia: Australia is fast becoming a preferred destination in terms of education among Indian students. Currently, this “land of kangaroos” attracts the third largest number of international students in the English-speaking world after the US and the UK. Graduates from Australia are very successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide. Additionally, they are readily accepted for postgraduate study at leading international universities. All universities in Australia accept 15 years of education. Some top universities in Australia are University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of Queensland etc.

Australia Education at a Glance

Country Degree Average Salary Cost of Living (Per Annum) Post Study Visa Course duration Exams
Australia Masters A$40000-A$50000 A$10000-A$15000 2 years post study work visa IELTS 15 years of education.
MBA A$60000-A$80000 A$10000-A$15000 2 years post study work visa GRE, GMAT, IELTS 15 years of Education


There is plethora of opportunities for 15 years of education overseas. It is very important to understand which are the right program and the right country for you.


Questions to ask at an informational session organized by a top b-school

The round one deadlines are very near and several top b-schools are organizing road shows or informational sessions in cities all over the world. In a previous blog post, we informed our readers that they should take the opportunity to visit the information session organized by a b-school to establish your seriousness about the application.

So you sought out the information and figured out a nearby place where the  bschool will be performing its informational session and showed up. What next? What are you going to ask the admissions committee ?

Few of you will be intimidated by suddenly coming in contact with the admissions committee ( since an in-personal information session is a rare possibility ) , and might not know how to react to it. We’re here to help you overcome that situation and make it work in your favor.

If you do get a chance to interact directly with an admissions committee member, try talking to them about your future career goals and you should have some first hand information that can be used in your material for the “Why do you want to join our b-school?” question.

Ideally you should be honest and ask any questions that you have in mind because the information is only going to enhance your chances at getting more information about the b-school. Take notes during the presentation or dig into secondary sources of information and have a set of questions handy that you would want to know more about from the representatives. Ask real questions and do not stress about figuring out a brilliant question that will make people notice you.

As long as you are polite and professional, there’s no need to be worried.

How to Choose the Right Online MBA Program

Making the decision to earn an MBA is serious, and choosing the right MBA program is essential in making the progress you want. While traditional full-time programs offer more credibility in some situations, online MBA programs are gaining popularity.

Distance learning allows students to organize courses around their lives instead of the other way around. Online learning may also facilitate more active engagement with some people. In an online environment, there is no one to talk over you and you don’t have to raise your hand and wait to be chosen. Many also feel more comfortable expressing themselves online than in person. An online MBA program may also benefit your career by giving you the opportunity to work with people from all over the country and, in some cases, all over the globe.

To reap the most benefits from your Masters in Business Administration, you first have to choose the right program. There isn’t a one size fits all approach to this process. It will depend on your goals, your flexibility and how much you can afford to spend on earning a degree.

Write Out Your Goals

Understanding why you want your MBA is the first step to actually getting it. The differences between full-time programs and online programs are not just in technology and tuition, but in the ways they approach the material. The differences don’t stop there, either. All online MBA programs are not created equal. And it is perfectly fine to choose one that doesn’t come from one of the top universities. It all comes down to what you want out of it.

Writing your goals down does a few key things. It helps you keep your goals concise and specific. You may think about your goals often, but putting the words on paper allows you to add clarity. It also helps you plan. You can use the writing exercise as a way to map out a way to achieve those goals.

Once everything is laid out, figuring out an online MBA program will be much easier. For instance, if you are already years into your career and are looking to higher education as a way to get a promotion, an online MBA from lesser-known universities or for-profit colleges would be perfectly acceptable. If, on the other hand, you were looking at launching a new career, especially one at a large corporation, choosing a program from one of the top online MBA schools—or other accredited programs—would be more important.

Research Accredited Online MBA Programs

After you have decided out what you want out of your MBA, you can start researching programs. If you want to a program from an accredited online program, U.S. News & World Report has compiled a list of more than 150 of the best online MBA degree programs. Each school on the list is ranked using five metrics: student engagement, admissions selectivity, peer reputation, faculty credentials and training, and student services and technology.

Even if you don’t choose a program from that list, make sure the one you do choose is accredited. The most trusted accreditation is AACSB. However, if you don’t see an AACSB-accredited MBA program that you like, there are other valid accreditation standards. You can check the U.S. Department of Education’s accreditation database to find which credentials are legitimate and to be aware of which programs may be scams.

Don’t Completely Reject For-Profit Schools

For-profit online schools like Kaplan or the University of Phoenix are generally given a bad rap. This is because they don’t have the same credentials as the recognized, traditional universities. They are not AACSB-accredited, their faculty credentials are sometimes less impressive, and they accept pretty much anyone into their programs that can pay tuition.

However, the tuition cost is usually much lower than other online degree programs you’ll find. And remember to keep your goals in mind. These online MBA programs are good for those who need the degree for a raise at work, or who are looking to get promoted to a higher position within their company.

The Takeaway

There are two main points to keep in mind if you want to pursue an online MBA degree:

1. Keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. Know exactly what you want out of your master’s degree and don’t feel pressured to apply to all the big-name schools if you can get what you need somewhere more affordable or convenient.

2. Do plenty of research. There are more and more online programs popping up every year. Some are legitimate while other are not, and some seemingly scammy schools can turn out to fit your needs. Just be sure you know all the facts before you make a final decision.