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B-School ranking trends globally

So long we are discussing the b-school ranking trends globally; it is apt to focus our neurotic cells on what is appositely called as the birthplace of MBA or management schools. The year 1881 saw the foundation of Wharton school of business in the USA followed by Harvard business school, the endeavour dates back more […]

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Is a great Business School a good Entrepreneurship School ?

I am an entrepreneur, one who started up as a teen and at many events, conferences and startup journey sessions, the audience (mostly at B-Schools) inevitably asks – Did having an MBA degree benefit you as an entrepreneur ? The blogosphere is full of successful entrepreneurs who have strong opinions on this topic. I thought I […]

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Spotlight On Jacksonville, Florida

113th 1M/1M Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Spotlight on Jacksonville, Florida Today’s roundtable was co-hosted with the Jacksonville Startup Weekend. For the uninitiated, Startup Weekends are 54-hour events where entrepreneurs come together to pitch ideas, form teams, and learn best practices. This past weekend, the Jacksonville entrepreneurship community hosted their own version of this exciting program. 150 […]

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Is Your B-School Accredited?

Choosing the right business school is no less important than say, having a good GMAT score to be admitted into one. When I say “right,” I mean “accredited” right. So what is this b-school accreditation and how important is it? Accreditation is the process that a business school voluntary undergoes in order to get public […]

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What to Expect in an MBA Class

  When I enrolled into my executive MBA class, I wasn’t expecting anything dramatic. I was already, what you may call a “wizened old owl,” having “done this and seen that,” that nothing seemed to surprise me anymore. And it didn’t Aside from Accounting, which really baffles me, all the other subjects seemed a rehash […]

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How to Cope with Your MBA Class

Taking an MBA class is not to be taken lightly. Not only is it expensive, you are also putting your career, your future, on the line. Nor should you take it with utter seriousness that it will stress you out. Learning, to be effective and lasting, must be taken in a spirit of fun, enjoyment […]

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Make Your Case Study Analysis Stand Out

Case study analysis forms the core of any MBA class. This is where students are exposed to real business problems, analyze them and provide solutions – either hypothetically or otherwise. In my Strategic Planning subject, I had the case of as it struggles to compete with and other conventional publishing houses which were […]

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Why MBA? – A Pragmatic Question

As an MBA aspirant you must have asked yourself many times this vexing question. Have you ever reflected on this question sincerely? Today, a plethora of students look for MBA as a magic potion for success in corporate and professional life. Do you know why?? There are numerous reasons for MBA being such a significant […]

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Pursuing an MBA – The working professional Perspective

MBA is a career option which is highlighted a lot and is a dream career for a lot of students and working people. Different people have different views regarding an MBA degree but what allures most people towards pursuing an MBA can be described in three scenarios: Scenario 1 – The fat pay checks that […]

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NAME – AESE BUSINESS SCHOOL WEBSITE – USP – BUSINESS STUDIES BASED ON CASE METHOD A SHORT INTRODUCTION – AESE is the oldest Business School in Portugal. It has been providing training in leadership and business since 1980. The acknowledgment of its activity by the business world is the result of four main factors that […]

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