Are you ready for B-school Round 1 deadlines ?

Are you ready for B-school Round 1 deadlines?

It’s already august and in less than 6 weeks from now, some of the first Round 1 deadlines will hit, and many of the others will shortly follow thereafter.

Are you targeting several top MBA programs in Round 1 ?  Then its about time you made a headway. Get moving because the last thing you want to do is complete your materials in haste.

Rushing the process is like asking for typos and other silly mistakes.

Aside, your recommenders won’t have enough time to write elaborate recommendations for you with songs that sing your praises.  The last thing you want to do is put them in the stressful position of having to complete your request on short notice.

Assuming that you are’nt well prepared, how do you know if you’ll actually be ready by the end of Round 1?

A word of advice is that you start to pretend that the deadlines are two weeks before they actually are. Start your planning around those earlier dates immediately. Here’s what you do

  • Get the easiest parts of the application out of the way first:
  1. Ensure your test scores have been reported.
  2. Ensure your transcript is ready to upload
  3. Is your resume finalized? If not, get it off the checklist.
  4. Work at the application itself  in any spare time. Before submitting everything, ensure that the information you provide is consistent in the data forms, your resume and essays.


  • Your essays are those that require your maximum efforts. Make your application priority #1, or accept that you may be better off  rolling over to Round 2.
  • And remember that time and tide waits for no man. Get your MBA applications in good shape asap.

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