Axe those G-MAT Anxieties

Exams are congruous with anxiety. The exam induced anxiety can work as motivator as well as performance dampener. To use it to one’s advantage one can abide by following pointers. The pointers laid down below aim to harness positive aspect of anxiety and reducing its negative side.

Craft out a strategy-
To combat G-MAT by designing a strategy based on your mock-rehearsals.Tacking a mock examination will not only give you a fair idea about strong & problematic areas;it will also direct your efforts towards main exam’s preparation.

Practice,Practice and Practice more-
An old adage says “ Practice makes a man perfect” which is true.The more you practice the mock paper,the more you will reduce your anxiety and put your devised strategy to practice.It is advisable to take as many COMPUTER AIDED TEST as possible.

Concentrate on the question-
By concentration I mean “concentration in full.”Partial concentration can make you miss some of keywords or details asked in question hampering your chances of scoring high.So,read the questions asked carefully,take your time to understand and then proceed to solve.

Pep talk to the glory-
Negative thoughts are hazardous. They reinforce feel of failure.Whenever, a negative thought crosses your mind, substitute it with a positive one. Inculcate positive thinking in your behavior through visualization and reaffirmation via words. Whenever in doubt, tell yourself –‘You can and you will” till dark specks of doubt fade away into oblivion.

Prepare in advance-
Ocean is made of drops; the wars are fought after laying a well-devised strategy. A good preparation acts as a shield against enemy of over-anxiety. Therefore, it is better to study in a systematic manner days/months before an examination rather than leaving the entire syllabus for a night before.

Create mental time maps-
Depending upon your strengths & weakness,assign a time limit for each section of paper and stick to it.

So, axe away those anxiety blues with these tips and face the examination with a renewed vigor.

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“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”

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