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We got our hands on one of the latest books in the market which gives a different perspective to MBA education. Beyond The MBA Hype: A Guide To Understanding And Surviving B-Schools is a guide that dissects every aspect of an international MBA in a candid manner to help aspirants begin their MBA journey with renewed clarity and focus. It is written by Sameer Kamat, an Indian entrepreneur, author, and columnist. Sameer holds an MBA degree from the University of Cambridge. He serves on the editorial board of a top academic publication based in the UK. He also writes regularly for a publication named Firstpost. He has started a business venture related to MBA admissions consulting called MBA Crystal Ball.

Our Review

Well, agreeing with the summary of the book, I must say it is truly a “no-nonsense” guide that comprehensively discusses the pros and cons of an international MBA. An MBA degree is one of the most sought after degrees in the world, especially in India. But there is a huge difference to how it is perceived abroad compared to the scene here in India.

I graduated from engineering college a little over a year ago and have been constantly pursued by near and dear ones to do an MBA. The reason – “An MBA can change your life, son!” For the few who already know the reality and have accepted it, this book will give you those moments when you will think, “Sh*t man, I have been trying to explain this to so many people”. For those who are still camouflaged by reality, this might come as a shock.

Like the author, Mr. Sameer Kamat states, an MBA in India and one abroad are different in many ways, be it the coursework, admissions, post-MBA jobs, etc. We pretty much know how it works in India. Even if one doesn’t, the horde of “Bell The CAT” coaching centers will help you understand. But, writing an exam is one thing and actually understanding the importance of the degree you are planning to pursue is another thing. This book will give you a realistic picture of what an international MBA is, how to get in to a good program, what happens once you get there and finally how true is the so-called “better lifestyle” after graduation.

This book will answer all the queries you must be having about an MBA. At the same time it will raise a lot of questions and force you to think over it. If you are practical enough, this book can be a good counselor to you, for less than Rs 200!

It is high time that fresh graduates and experienced executives looking forward to an MBA degree understand the importance of it. This is a “must read” for all those who are planning to get an MBA soon. Although it will provide a great deal of help to those planning an MBA internationally, I feel it is equally important for the ones taking the CAT, NMAT, SNAP, and the horde of other B-school exams. For them, this book will help in understanding even simple things that stay hidden like what to expect in class, how to form project groups, how to choose your specialization subjects and  at the end of it all, what to expect from an MBA.

I have been trying hard to change people’s perception and assumption about the whole MBA hype particularly in India and this book will now help me in adding more value to my arguments. I am surely going to gift a lot of this, many of whom I already have in mind. I suggest everyone read this, even if you are planning an MBA or not, it might help in clearing some assumptions.


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