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Case Study: NBA: The Cult of Highest Paid Sportsmen

For America, NBA is life. It is the Christmas Day feast’s best helping. For what has now become a religion of sorts with its reach increasing to the entire globe, we look at what makes NBA the cult it is. A lesser known fact is that NBA sportsmen are the highest paid for any sports […]

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Five things you should never say in your MBA admissions interview

There is a lot spoken and written about the important points you should be mentioning to your interviewer, but let us look at five things you should never say in your MBA admission interview. MBA is the ‘in’ thing It just says that you are a rat race runner and gets a thumb down immediately. […]

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Is USA the best choice for an MBA?

Management colleges in the US have always been looked up to as the ones with the mettle. The Ivy-league colleges and the likes have been the brand ambassadors of US being the winner of the trophy of management education leadership. Not so surprisingly, all top ten colleges in Bloomberg’s list are located in the US. […]

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How do I choose my MBA specialization before I start my course?

Now that’s a common question and is very valid. You’re an engineer or probably a history under-graduate and planning to study management. How are you supposed to choose your subjects, if required, at the start of first term? If you’ve been facing this issue, or are thinking the same, read on! The answer to this […]

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Case Study: How Oreo Became One of Social Media’s Most Loved Brands

Oreo is easily one of the most loved brands across the globe. With a reach spanning all age groups, languages and cultures, Oreo has effectively become a well-known brand. Regarded as a social media behemoth, Oreo has a reputation of playing the game in the situation. We present a case study on Oreo and how […]

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Does an MBA from a top B-School guarantee me Big Bucks and Corporate Recognition?

I work hard to crack GMAT with a perfect score, take a loan to pay the fee for the expensive business school, spend n-number of hours in the rigorous grill of the management education. Now the least I can expect is to get a seven figure annual salary to start with and a strategically important […]

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Successful People

Inculcate these Five Characteristics to Win Like an Underdog Always

There is one thing very common in all successful people- they never boast of their abilities. Look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Narayana Murthy or even Michael Dell, how humble and work-focused these gentlemen have been. They choose to stay away from limelight and concentrate on being better at their tasks. Eventually, they have the […]

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The Art of Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

What’s the first impression of anyone you meet in-person? Dressing style, walking style, the way they talk or even the perfume they wear. That’s why it is called the first impression, as it is the introductory hit. The features of a personality which matters the most to you are the ones which make or break […]

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Nike Logo

Case Study: Nike – The Super Brand

Ranked 24th on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands list, No.4 in Top 20 Cool Brands by The Centre of Brand Analysis and No. 8 in Top Global Meaningful Brands Index by Havas Media, Nike is truly a powerful, global brand. The reach and stature that Nike has achieved is unchallengeable. A few weeks back Nike celebrated […]

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Steve Jobs

How to Think like a Leader

From Barack Obama to Angela Merkel, Steve Jobs to Ratan Tata, leaders are people with substance. The vibes of confidence and never-say-die handling of scrutiny and pressure are virtues which set them apart from everyone in the crowd. Not by birth but by hard work and persistence, leaders are people we look up to and […]

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