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Your B-school Application Guide

You have done your homework and are prepared to take the final plunge. The hatches are buttoned up and nothing, come heaven or hell, can derail your plans. Now it is time to apply for admission into the school(s) of your choice. These steps will carry you through the entire process. They may vary from […]

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The Role of B-schools in Global Learning

My previous posts dwelt on prepping you up for entry into a business school. Except for the process of applying into one, I have loaded you with the things necessary to make it successfully into a business school’s roster of students. I thought I need to tell you one more thing. There’s more to earning […]

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Checklist in Getting into a Business School (Part 2 of 2)

I am fascinated with National Geographic’s Air Crash Investigation series. It shows that in a lot of air crashes, human error and mechanical failure are more to blame than foibles of Nature. Your planned take-off for a business school can crash as well, not from Nature or mechanical failure, but from your own doing unless […]

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Checklist in Getting into a Business School (Part 1 of 2)

So you are dead-set in going to a business school. You have crossed your bridge and there’s no turning back. You have prepared for it since you decided what to do with your life; you want to go higher in your career. You worked for a good GPA and your GMAT is the envy of […]

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Tips in Choosing the Right Business School

Several years back, I met an elderly American gentleman in a wedding reception. He’s a well-traveled guy, also talked a lot. After a few chatters, he asked me where I would prefer to live, if I had a choice. Without much hesitation I told him that for quality of life, Singapore is great, for shopping […]

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Are You Fit for an MBA ?

My first foray into a business school was an off-campus course offered by one of our top universities that leads to a degree in Masters in Manufacturing Management (MMM). I would rate that experience PG. I stopped after two semesters. Needles to say, I did not get the degree but I got one of the […]

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Why Go to a Business School ?

In a recent interview, one of the U.S. presidential hopefuls was quoted saying, “if you are jobless and you are poor, chances are that it is your fault.” Daily, our senses are numbed by the incessant news of high unemployment rate in theU.S. Its noise is so loud, drowning out the fact that this problem […]

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What is a B-School ?

Sometime last week, my son, fresh from high school and agonizing over what to do for college, suddenly asked me, “Dad, what is a b-school?” At first blush, I was tempted to say that a b-school is where people learn how to make B movies. But I thought it too smart alecky and off the […]

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