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MBA in IT (Information Technology): What is in it for You

Man is information freak. Even as our early ancestors swung from tree branch to tree branch, they already exchanged information through grunts and gestures. Then, wanting more information from the world they lived in, they ventured to go down and started walking upright. Along the way, they learned how to form words, making their exchange […]

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Is Your B-School Accredited?

Choosing the right business school is no less important than say, having a good GMAT score to be admitted into one. When I say “right,” I mean “accredited” right. So what is this b-school accreditation and how important is it? Accreditation is the process that a business school voluntary undergoes in order to get public […]

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How to Cope with Your MBA Class

Taking an MBA class is not to be taken lightly. Not only is it expensive, you are also putting your career, your future, on the line. Nor should you take it with utter seriousness that it will stress you out. Learning, to be effective and lasting, must be taken in a spirit of fun, enjoyment […]

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