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Top 100 B Schools, World-wide, to Choose From

Can you remember the last time you were asked to choose between two, very important but almost the same, alternatives? It wasn’t easy, was it? It took you a long time to decide, fearful that whichever way you go, you may never get the most out of the choice you made.  That is life. It […]

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Top 10 Online B Schools: Where and What they Are

The concept of business schools came into being in 1759 when the Aula do Cemercio in Lisbon, Portugal, was formed to specialize in the teaching of commerce. Like a child taking its furtive steps, it went through several evolutionary changes, including a closure in 1884, when it merged with Instituto Industrial de Lisboa, to become […]

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Online B Schools: What You Need to Know about Them

When I was young and the postal service was the king, people who wanted to acquire college degrees but can’t be on campus for whatever reason, or those who want to embellish their bios with additional skills not offered in local universities, took correspondence courses. Here information flow between school and student was done through […]

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Best B Schools in America and How They are Ranked

For people with a keener sense of geography, “America,” is North America composed of Canada,United States of America and Mexico; Central America, made up of Belize, Honduras, Guatemala,  Nicaragua,  Costa Rica,El Salvador and Panama (I hope I have not left off a country). Then South America where you find Brazil,Venezuela, Peru, etc. Most people, however, […]

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B-School ranking trends globally

So long we are discussing the b-school ranking trends globally; it is apt to focus our neurotic cells on what is appositely called as the birthplace of MBA or management schools. The year 1881 saw the foundation of Wharton school of business in the USA followed by Harvard business school, the endeavour dates back more […]

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Is Your B-School Accredited?

Choosing the right business school is no less important than say, having a good GMAT score to be admitted into one. When I say “right,” I mean “accredited” right. So what is this b-school accreditation and how important is it? Accreditation is the process that a business school voluntary undergoes in order to get public […]

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How to Cope with Your MBA Class

Taking an MBA class is not to be taken lightly. Not only is it expensive, you are also putting your career, your future, on the line. Nor should you take it with utter seriousness that it will stress you out. Learning, to be effective and lasting, must be taken in a spirit of fun, enjoyment […]

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Is an MBA a Key to Fat Salaries?

People take up graduate studies for a variety of reasons. But they all do it for one motivation – to have a higher pay. Only a few would say it outright because there is no guarantee that they will. And they do, at least according to an article in Forbes, The MBA Link to Becoming […]

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What MBA Program Suits You Best

One day you went through the latest news on the company bulletin board. And there, prominently standing out from the usual company titbits is an announcement for a vacant position a couple of levels higher than yours. The qualifications fit your employment profile to a Tee, except for one thing. At the bottom of the […]

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Best B-Schools for Entrepreneurs

Dozens of entrepreneurship programs are available in graduate schools across the country. Only top-notch programs make the annual lists of the best business schools. The F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College in Massachusetts offers the number one graduate business program for entrepreneurs in the country, according to the U.S. News and World […]

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