Does an MBA from a top B-School guarantee me Big Bucks and Corporate Recognition?

I work hard to crack GMAT with a perfect score, take a loan to pay the fee for the expensive business school, spend n-number of hours in the rigorous grill of the management education. Now the least I can expect is to get a seven figure annual salary to start with and a strategically important and recognizable position in a multinational corporation. I want to settle in Boston, London, Tokyo, New York or Chicago, fly Business Class with company paying for it and travel extensively, as my job ideally should demand it.

Welcome to the mind of an MBA aspirant. Instead, let’s say, welcome to the mind of a top business school MBA aspirant. With economy getting fragile and companies cutting corners with respect to expensive employees, it is MBA from a top business school which can defy all fears and serve life in a golden plate. Why shouldn’t it, there’s a lot that has been given into getting through the school. In the light of all that, this is the bare bones minimum a student can expect right?

Yes, to be honest, this is the expectation and there’s nothing wrong with it. The average pay packages at leading business schools are touching the roof and there’s no dearth for companies hungry to fetch these students.

With millionaires and billionaires as alumni and a constant war to get to the top of the rankings list by making admission process as rigorous as possible, students can be termed ‘realistic’ with these expectations.

What students forget is that your MBA School will give you the initial push, a push which is cushioned and well-paying but is equally demanding with cloud-level expectations. There is no scope for a second best. If there are million-dollar opportunities served, you need to make yourself worth those million dollars. Do not forget that companies look for top business school pass-outs as assets and not pricey liabilities. The assets will reap snowball benefits.

The secret is open and it is to make one self gold worthy.

If you have a look at people, correction, successful people who are represented as the alumni pride of the school, you will realize that those people have given their best to get into that list. Now the business school becomes a help to reach the top and not the path.

Yes, your MBA can pay you a lot, it is indeed worth a lot of dollars, but so should you be. The degree is eventually tagged to you. An MBA school will mould, groom, test and make you ready but you have to eventually fight the war. A top business school will provide you better ammunition to fight the war but the mind will always be yours. Make that worth a million dollars and you’ll be worth all those dollars.

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