Five Study Mistakes Students Make

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While learning is an innate function all humans are born with, succeeding in a school setting is not intuitive. To best perform, students need to be taught how to study for success. Developing school and learning friendly habits will serve students well throughout their lives.


Learn to Learn


Don’t rely on educational institutions to instill study skills in students who do guest blogging services. They rightfully expect you to show up ready. If you’ve never learned how to learn, teach yourself what to avoid by knowing the five most common mistakes that students make while studying.


  1. Too much apathy. Some students just don’t care. They claim boredom, don’t do the work, and it all adds up to an epic fail. But if you’re bored then you’re boring and that’s no excuse for losing out on an education.


Students need to be engaged with the material and that is often helped by being engaged with the instructor. You need to know what it takes to succeed and the best source is the person with the red pen. Many students are too scared to approach teachers, but remember, they became teachers for a reason and are happy to help!


  1. Too much procrastination. No routine, no return. The last minute never shows your full potential. When you cram, you’re asking your brain to do the impossible task of absorbing way too much information simultaneously. Avoid a harder time learning, skip all nighters and mind your health, and instead study in planned chunks of time.


Read, write, read, write. Writing helps our brains process information. Read for a bit, write everything you learned down, then go back to reading. Do this a few times within 45 minutes and then take a 15 minute break. It works!


  1. Too few tools. To be an effective student in this modern era you need to be equipped with a daily calendar (paper or digital), pen/pencil and paper (for notes when reading – don’t  bother with highlighters, it’s all important), and, it’s required nowadays, a computer with internet access (while a tablet or laptop should do it, a smartphone alone won’t).


  1. Too little organization. You actually need to use that daily planner. You will simply not remember what is due where when if you do not write it down or type it up. Lists are your friend as well, of assignments, any research needed, and the type of exam or paper for follow-up.


  1. Too much for one brain. Multitasking is the trend concept, but being distracted is the result. The best students have “media-free” times to hear what their minds are thinking about and absorbing.


Our media heavy lifestyles have also trained us to short attention spans, often much shorter than the content we are required to learn in school. You can retrain your brain to process longer units of content to benefit from lectures and books. A part from lectures and daily routine content you can take part in part time courses that can bring an income for you. One of the way is to  complete graphic design courses. These are suitable for students who like designing and want to earn some income from home.


It’s Never Too Late


If you think it’s too late for you, you are wrong! These studying and learning skills will help you all life long. So, learn how to learn!

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