Every year with the spring and fall admissions starting off comes a whole bag load of things that students either tend to forget or do not prioritize. This can cause setback to potential admissions and can slim chances of an Ivy-School badge.
Of all the necessities, we gather the top five things that as admission hopefuls you should be extra-careful and sure about.


As silly as it might sound, forgetting submission deadlines is the biggest issue that students face. With so many schools to consider, each having its own process and requirements with different deadlines, it is human to err. But you can definitely do something about it. Go to your Email -> Open Calendar, and please start marking dates and ensure notifications are on. We’re giving you tried and tested way to not forget when to submit what. Don’t jest about this solution and weigh it off, it is easy and extremely helpful.


If you’re planning to apply for student loans, the time to figure out details is now. It is because once you crack the admission; you need to apply immediately because the entire procedure takes time. There are many banks which tie up with different schools to facilitate loans. Know about them and figure out your options well in advance, do not leave it till the last minute.


Remember, many different schools have different documents which you need to submit with your application form. Counter attestation is sometimes necessary so know if you have to. If it is that graduation extra credit certificate that you need from your university or anything else, please arrange all the documents needed now. You know the entire admissions process is sometimes so overwhelming that we tend to forget such basic things but these basic things can only work against you. Be sure you have all documents well in advance.

Recommendation Letters

Without exception, all business schools require recommendation letters and most of the times, there are specific people only from whom a recommendation can be sought and accepted. So, before you go juggling your options and coaxing to get a good recommendation letter to submit, ensure that the person from whom you’re seeking recommendation falls in the accepted criterion.

A decent email address

Please do not use juggernaut87, misspinklullaby and other ridiculous names in your email addresses to send documents and start other registration formalities. It is best to get your first name and last name in the email address. If it is not available, try some combinations, but do set it right. You do not want to be sending applications to leading business schools with such high-school framed email addresses. You know when we spoke about maturity and managerial skills required in potential business management students, such small things showcase it.

MBA admission processes are tedious and complex, but the best doesn’t come easy right? So buckle up tight and be sure of these small nuances and you’ll be much more at peace during the entire process.