GMAT Preparation: How To Start and Must Have Books

One thing I love, is the smell of new books! And since we are talking about new books, lets see how you can start preparing for the GMAT and which are the books that you should necessarily have. This is a very common question and we get lots of queries for the same so we thought lets put up a small list for our readers.

So, before you start preparing, you need to fix a date in your mind. I would personally recommend that you register for the exam first. It is a general human tendency that we do not start seriously until and unless we know when are we appearing the exam. Once you have registered or decided when you are going to write the GMAT, you need to make a wise choice of books to use. The major reason for doing so is that most of the books for the GMAT do not come cheap and it is crucial that we choose our materials wisely.

There are three books that are a “Must-Buy”:

1. The Official Guide for GMAT Review (Latest Edition)

2. Kaplan GMAT Premier (Latest Edition)

3. GMAT Sentence Correction Strategy Guide (By Manhattan GMAT)

Out of the above, the OG or Official Guide is more like a Bible for GMAT preparation. It is extremely necessary to glance the entire book before you move on to any other book. Once you have skimmed through this book start solving the questions in detail. The Kaplan GMAT Premier will help you understand questions better and will also explain concepts in a better way. Each section is explained very well and serves as a very good guide for starters.

The Sentence Correction part isn’t actually up to the mark in the above two books. This is where the GMAT Sentence Correction Strategy Guide by Manhattan will help you a lot. This is one book that will help you improve your Sentence Correction skills to a great extent.

The above three books should ideally be sufficient for you to take the test and do well. If you think you need to work on the Verbal or Quant separately, then you can consider buying a dedicated book for the same. Kaplan and Official Guide for GMAT have separate books for the Verbal and Quantitative sections and you can choose whichever you are more comfortable with.

In case you are one of those who are already well versed with the basics and want to take a shot at scoring a 800 on the GMAT, I’d recommend you to get the Kaplan GMAT 800It is a must have book for advanced studies and for advanced learners.

I hope this helps you in starting your preparation. You will come across lots of other books and online preparation materials, but I will suggest you to stick to these first and once you are done you can explore others for practice. Lets get started!


GMAT Preparation: How To Start and Must Have Books by

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