How do I choose my MBA specialization before I start my course?

Now that’s a common question and is very valid. You’re an engineer or probably a history under-graduate and planning to study management. How are you supposed to choose your subjects, if required, at the start of first term? If you’ve been facing this issue, or are thinking the same, read on!

The answer to this question lies in the following five steps procedure:

Know what excites you

We’re not talking salary figures but subject excitement. Does building brands and handling customer theories and strategies give you an academic adrenaline rush? Or is it the dream of managing company investment portfolios seems to be your true calling? The best way to know this to observe what you read online or in newspapers when you’re free and are not doing it for a task.

Know what suits you

Have always been applauded for your superb elocution skills and creative inputs and are looking to be an investment analyst? Not saying its black and white but does give you a step to take a reality check. And the check if not always to match the ‘hobby’ with your specialization but to match your best quality.

Know what pays you

Let’s call spade a spade, its, if not all but to a large part, all about money. No one likes to invest time and efforts and not get paid. No one likes to waste five years to realize that they stood on a less-paying job when a better opportunity was always available. Read reports and placement brochures about which specializations get paid what.

Know what is in demand

Generally, the job in demand is the one which pays the best. But there are always two sides of a coin. The job in demand also demands certain capabilities and requirements which is pay worthy. It is crucial to know both as they need to go hand in hand. If copywriting for financial corporation is being looked up to as the next slide to the top, the slide upwards comes with its own strength test and requirements. Basically, do you think you’ll be able to acquire the academic halo and domain understanding to pitch for the job during your course? If yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head. If no, it’s time to revisit step one. Its fine, you’re making a choice for an important part of your life.

Know your sustenance timelines

Basically, it means do you take up a task with the thought of giving it your best and get tired and bored of it pretty soon? Are you the kind of person who loves change and detests monotony? For you the decision then becomes all the more critical. Not that you’ll never have a chance to make a change, but at least as of sometime, there’ll be a lot of financial and time commitment to be honored and that requires some planning. Be sure, and be double sure.

Though you always have time before you pin your specialization, it is definitely a good option to visit these questions well before your school entrance. It’ll even help you plan your school of choice accordingly.

Good luck and do write in if you have any questions.