How do you speak about religion in your MBA admissions materials?

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MBA and Religion

MBA and Religion

How do you speak about religion in your MBA admissions materials?

Religion is a big part of many people’s lives, but it is tricky to figure out how to bring it up when you’re applying to an MBA program. In general, just as you would strive to avoid talking about sex, politics and religion in the workplace, you want to do the same in your MBA admissions materials.

These sensitive topics are not taboo, but if you aren’t careful when discussing them, you might offend your reader. Still, if one of these topics is pivotal to who you are, your decisions, and your career goals, you have no choice but to talk about them in your MBA essay, whether it is part of your application to Harvard Business School (that’s a perfect place for this topic), the personal essay for INSEAD, or any optional essay (from Columbia to Wharton or Berkeley).

You don’t need to talk explicitly about your faith or explain yourself to anyone – just focus on the driving force, the values and the behaviors that you associate with your religion, and how practicing them has brought you to this time and place.

We’ve seen some great MBA essays talking about religion and politics, not to mention gender and sex. If these are topics that are near and dear to you, don’t hesitate. This could be the most interesting essay of your entire MBA application.

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