Indian School of Business: Leading the India Story of World-Class Management Education


Indian School of Business or ISB as it is more popularly known is India’s story of coming out of age in world class education. Though the baton is still held by the Indian Institutes of Management, which also rank among the top business schools and churn out global managers with astounding pay packages, ISB has a more international appeal.

ISB was founded by two senior executives of McKinsey and Company and is heavily funded by private companies, foundations and individuals from around the world. It started off with its first campus in the tech-city Hyderabad and has since then opened its second campus in Mohali, near the north Indian city of Chandigarh.

The ISB’s Mohali campus is host to four research centres namely, Max Institute of Healthcare Management, Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Munjal Global Manufacturing Institute and Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management. The flagship programme of the school, in both its campuses, is its one-year Post-Graduate Programme in Management. It also offers specialized courses for senior executives, middle level and senior level management. Apart from this, it also offers a Fellowship Programme in Management and a Young Leaders Programme which is aimed at facilitating select graduates for their management education with scholarships.

What makes ISB stand in the growing crowd of world class management schools in India is that it has been run and nurtured with an international outlook. An example of the same is that the school exclusively considers GMAT score whereas IIMs and other colleges ‘also’ consider GMAT along with other scores. Additionally, it offers one year PGP which is quite a reflection of many international leading business schools. In India and other Asian countries, a post graduate degree is taught for minimum two years otherwise.

ISB has been felicitated over the years being in FT’s Best B-Schools in the World, the lowest rank being 34th and the highest being 20th. This puts it in a league far above many other Asian and Eastern colleges and universities.

India is a burgeoning economy beating the downfall each time and ISB is a shining beacon in India’s growth story.

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