India’s Top 5 Favorite Specializations

One time, while describing the different countries I’ve been to on official business, a friend asked me what India is like. Without batting an eyelash, I said, “There’s nothing quite like India.”

Yes,India is difficult to describe. How can one describe the Taj Mahal without making it mundane and ordinary, which it is not? How can one describe the strange mixture of the beautiful and the ugly, modern and ancient, splendor and squalor?

So rather than dwell on intangible and purely relative superlatives, I thought it best to talk about things which are concrete and measurable like:

–  It is the 9th largest economy in the world according to IMF 2010 figures;

–  It is the second most populous, next to China.

Since its independence from British rule in 1947, she steadfastly remained non-aligned, leaning neither to the West or the Communist bloc. In the process, it learned from both sides – the good and the bad.

The experience propelled India into an economic powerhouse to make it to the elite G9, notwithstanding the occasional sectarian violence and the sporadic artillery duels with Pakistan.

This global business growth and recognition gave rise to the proliferation of Indian business schools, some of which can give the elite a run for the money.

And what are these Indian business schools up to?

According to, Indian business schools have their hands full to satisfy the specialization needs of Indian business school hopefuls. These are:



When I was in the corporate world, I held finance guys in awe. I thought they were the guys who whittled down my budget and skimped on employee benefits.

The truth is Finance MBA can take on numerous corporate positions other than budgets and company benefits.

They can be financial analysts, investment managers, corporate controller, chief financial officers, treasurers, cash managers, among other high-paying jobs.

Finance MBA graduates can offer specialized knowledge that could form the basis for strategic planning, managing alliances, and day-to-day management decisions.

People who love figures and poring over balance sheets, financial reports, profit and loss statements, will do well with Finance MBA.



Marketing is always a very lucrative job anywhere in the world. And it is the single most sought after MBA specialization in India.

Like MBA Finance, MBA Marketing can offer endless opportunity options for people wanting to get on the fast lane of big bucks.

Marketing is very dynamic and competitive that requires good communication skills , resource mobilization skills, and a huge thirst to excel.

Marketing guys usually have the best perks in the organization. “We bring in the money,” they would argue. And they are given lofty titles such as Brand Manager, Project Manager, Sales Manager, Marketing Manger, etc.

MBA Marketing is good for people who are extrovert, outgoing, has no qualms in talking people into submission, who knows to live for the moment and are highly driven.


Operations management;

This focuses on Production or Manufacturing Management. Good for people who have no taste for figures and would rather deal with process flows, develop vendors, foster inter-departmental relationships and other ancillary management activities to ensure smooth and efficient business operations.

Operations MBA require an eye for details, efficiencies, quality performance, negotiations skills, good knowledge of the technical aspects of operations, from manufacturing to sales and customer service.

Career growth opportunities will be Operations Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Overall Plant Manager, Materials Manager, Supply Chain Manager or CEO of Operations.


Information Technology:

Though India has been robbing Hong Kong of software development jobs for years, MBA in IT has just emerged as one of the most sought-after specializations in Indian business schools.

With every aspect of a business operation, world-wide, being wired, the need for IT professionals has never been this good. In fact, IT is one of the professions that know no national boundaries or ethnicity. They are simply in demand everywhere.

A degree in MBA IT can open doors among Fortune 500 companies either in India or overseas.

Juicy positions for MBA IT are Systems Analyst, Technical Systems Manager, Technical Consultant, Business Development Manager and other high-sounding jobs.


Human Resources:

Do you know that a human resource manager is the first to be hired and last to be fired? In boon or gloom, companies always rely on their human resource department for a lot of management decisions.

An HR MBA is a way to a career in human resource development, industrial relations, personnel management and a lot of other people-related issues.

HR departments are responsible for establishing a wholesome atmosphere for interaction between management and employees and it is normally the face the public see of the company.

If you have good communication skills, a charismatic personality and enjoy the dynamics of human interaction, an MB HR will be a great career.


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