Is a great Business School a good Entrepreneurship School ?

I am an entrepreneur, one who started up as a teen and at many events, conferences and startup journey sessions, the audience (mostly at B-Schools) inevitably asks – Did having an MBA degree benefit you as an entrepreneur ?

The blogosphere is full of successful entrepreneurs who have strong opinions on this topic. I thought I would put up a few and then let you be the judge.

Jason Freedman Co-Founder of Flighcaster wrote an interesting blog post – Beware of MBAs! The business school curriculum teaches how to suck at startups where he justifies perhaps why MBAs  suit  large businesses and not for startups where the focus is on agility, innovation and changing business models as an opportunist. I also recommend reading his other blog post – Not all MBAs suck at startups. Learn how to spot Durant MBAs

Sramana Mitra, a Silicon valley serial entrepreneur shared very strong views on why business schools are not option for aspiring entrepreneurs in her Forbes column Why B-Schools Set Up Entrepreneurs To Fail . She is so convinced about it that she setup an entrepreneur coaching program to sound board entrepreneurs.

Other Interesting articles Covering this topic are :

Is a great Business School a good Entrepreneurship School ?

Is a great Business School a good Entrepreneurship School ?

Now that you’ve read all this, you  may wonder why do aspiring entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs go to a reputable B-School ?

The answer, if you are already an aspiring entrepreneur is quite simple. If you get into a reputable B-School, it gives you open access to interact with the best in business. It gains you a tremendous network that gives you leverage to pull the right strings at the right places in your business. Apart from network, it also gives you access to one on one sessions with your favorite profs who would charge an exorbitant amount for consultation outside of the classroom. And having genius peers to trash your ideas day in and day out for 2 years wouldn’t hurt either. If at all they will rub off some of that flamboyance and shrewd skills on you.

Generally, for an entrepreneur, a b-school is a place to trade subsidized individual consultancy and creating a strong network around. And once out of the college, leveraging highly influential alumni network to gain traction.

If the article has not put you off from joining a B-School, join us as we explore the Best B-Schools for aspiring entrepreneurs in a blog post soon !


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