Is It The Right Time To Do An MBA?


A lot of times students have a perpetual doubt, is it the right time to do an MBA? Economies around the world are facing a crunch and the corporate has gone as skim on hiring as possible. In the midst of all this, investing time and efforts on a potential job out of MBA, which is not even known of, is it worthwhile?

Let’s reason out three things before we get to answer.

Do you want to do an MBA?

It is not always about the economy, job crunch and other environmental reasons. If you don’t really want to do an MBA but are planning to do it just because it is the ‘in’ thing to do, then good times or bad times, it will be a bad choice always. On the contrary, if you’re determined for the course, even in tougher times you’ll find opportunities. Remember, businesses require managers to get them out of bad state and manage the good period.

Back-up plan, anyone?

First of all, investing in an MBA degree is not like investing in stocks that you look forward to a 5% rise in value every week and a dividend coming interim. So, do not expect a back-up plan with all your ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. It is a building process which may take time to reap the benefits. And especially for entrepreneurs post MBA, you cannot ask for a back-up plan. You need to jump into the corporate world with both your feet. You can just take better calculated decisions.

Do you really read the economy?

A bad economy never signals a bad job market. It is a big myth that everybody has. A bad job market can be because of many reasons, e.g. changing skill requirements, more experienced people entering the market, industries becoming technology dependent than people amongst many others. Do not just believe the bad economy= no jobs explanation.

All said and done, yes, this is and will always be the right time to do an MBA. Period.





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