Is USA the best choice for an MBA?

Management colleges in the US have always been looked up to as the ones with the mettle. The Ivy-league colleges and the likes have been the brand ambassadors of US being the winner of the trophy of management education leadership.

Not so surprisingly, all top ten colleges in Bloomberg’s list are located in the US.


So, should one head to United States for their MBA? Is that the safest and the best bet? Let’s have a look.


If you look at the top 5 USA colleges, all have been set up over a century ago and have been delivering excellence since establishment. The reason can be attributed to the fact that for most of the top 10 universities, arts and science were the subjects which propelled them to the top and management followed suit by starting at the top. It’s those years of continuous investment in infrastructure, academic affiliations and faculty that gives these universities an edge over their world counterparts.

Highest GMAT Scores

Though GMAT score alone does not guarantee admission, the highest scorers are always absorbed by the USA universities. Over the years, as a result, the cut-offs have exponentially risen, thus attracting the best brains and firmly strengthening a foot ground of top scorers.

A few universities with their cut offs as on January 1, 2013 are

1 Stanford University 721
2 California – Berkeley (University of) 718
2 MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology – United States 718
4 Columbia University 716
5 Chicago (University of) 715
5 New York University 715
7 Dartmouth College 713
8 California – Los Angeles – UCLA (University of) 711
9 Cornell University 710
9 Indian School of Business 710
9 Pennsylvania (University of) 710

Home to Fortune 500 companies

In the list of Fortune 500 Global companies, US is home to 132 of them and has offices of all. This strongly cements the interaction and enrichment of USA universities with corporate excellence. If you check the top recruiters, 96% are companies based out of USA and more than 60% land you jobs in the country itself.

Placement Scenario
Not only do universities in the US clock more than 100 percent placements, they also attract some of the highest pay packages across the world. This works for three reasons:

• The cost of living in the biggest cities in the US is amongst the highest in the world

• The work profiles based out US are more in the C and B levels. Also, the biggest investment and portfolio management firms, consulting majors and advertising behemoths root out US for their top level jobs.

• Experience is in demand in the US and experience is paid more than other factors

Given the reasons and the factors, yes, USA is ‘the’ country for management education. It is the highest paying in terms of ROI with respect to packages and job positions. Nonetheless, a lot of universities and colleges in Asia like China, India and Singapore are giving a tough fight for US universities for the top position.

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