Not visiting the Schools – A Disadvantage?

B-school applicants experience a moment of panic as they begin to work on their MBA applications for round 1. You realize that the September and October deadlines are just around the corner and you won’t have time to visit any schools before their materials are due!

The question you might be facing is if not visiting the b-schools will put you at a disadvantage. Let us evaluate it.

Will the admissions committee reject you on the basis of you not being able to attend the class you are interested in or take a campus tour? The answer is a definite No! Adcom’s don’t expect you to travel all the way across the world, or leave your high paying jobs to visit the b-school even before you are admitted into it.

However, you must attend the school if it is in your neighborhood and attend a few classes to show that you are serious about your application. Yes, the Adcom team judges you on your accomplishments at school and work and not at whether you were able to visit them. Though it would only be a positive sign if you take a campus tour.

For international applicants, they can check the official b-school website for road shows they are conducting in or near your city. Many top b-schools hold informational events across cities around the world and list them on their b-school website.

If travelling is a tedious process for you, a simple way out would be to login to their webpage and find out when they conduct online seminars and you can participate in that. There are several ways to get more information about your dream b school and you should certainly soak as much as you can like a sponge.

Remember, there is no substitute for hard work!

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