Nothing tells adcom who you are better than data forms

If you are reading this, then it is safe to assume that

  • You are done with your resume
  • You have taken the GMAT
  • Your undergrad transcript secured,
  • Your essays are almost there, and
  • You have your recommenders working on the recommendation letters.

The typical MBA application is complete you think? Then you are forgetting the adcom insight analytics tool – The data form.
Nothing tells adcom who you are better than data forms. They are going to be the first thing reviewed in your package, which means they set the initial impression of you. Now do you realize why it’s important not to complete the data form in a rush ? Do not hurry the data form submission right before the program’s submission deadline.

Be careful for the Careless typos, and use short-answer fields very carefully. There’s no spell-check functionality included in the school’s online application form so have someone else check it for you. Ask someone you trust to dawn the hat of an editor and ask him to be the Mr.grammar. Ensure you have reviewed each of your field entries carefully.

As for the short answers, make them compliment the rest of your application. Do not be repetitive and showcase a different accomplishment in your data form instead of the one you’ve already described in your essays. Make good use of any open fields there may be in the data form’s “Extracurricular Activities” section.

Remember that your application package is as an opportunity to strengthen your candidacy and tell the adcomm something new. You may often overlook the data form because it seems so straightforward and boring but remember, it as an easy way to make a positive first impression.

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