Not visiting the Schools – A Disadvantage?

B-school applicants experience a moment of panic as they begin to work on their MBA applications for round 1. You realize that the September and October deadlines are just around the corner and you won’t have time to visit any schools before their materials are due! The question you might be facing is if not visiting […]

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10 Facts you must know before going abroad

photo: thefrisky   So you are the lucky one among your peers to get a scholarship to study abroad? Good for you and we wish you the best.  You are going to gain valuable knowledge that will stand you in good stead throughout your life.  You are going to have a jolly good time, experience […]

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Top Reasons Why Businesses Fail in Start

Photo: tibco Every year thousand of business starts and most of them fail in the first year. According to Department of Trade and Industry, every year almost 400,000 businesses start their progress, but in the first years of their business, one fifth of this total number fail. There are some reasons due to which these […]

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Maximize Your MBA Application: 5 Tips for Succinct Essays

Photo credits:  SFU Public Affairs and Media Relations If you’re working on your MBA application, you’re in luck. We have five super simple (and powerful) tips that will help you come up with a succinct essay that will win people over. Getting into business school isn’t easy these days with so many people trying to […]

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Social Media and Business Education: Why You Should Keep an MBA Blog

Photo Credit: Today is the era of social media saturation where everyone is trying to mark their presence        on a social media platform. If you are a student and looking forward to secure your future in business, it is significant to start making social media a priority. Social Media empowers students to construct groups, […]

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Online MBA Guide – All your Online MBA course related questions end here

What is an Online MBA? Once upon a time, fathers used to say with pride, “My son is a graduate.”  Graduation was treated as a quite prestigious degree in that time. After some years, the job market made the students bound to think that graduation is not enough to get a high quality job. Then, […]

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In Focus: Stanford vs. Sloan vs. Harvard: The Better and the Best

First things first, all three have been ranked No.1 in different ranking lists in different years. All have a reputed brand value that has been built by consistently putting in years of efforts and research capabilities. Given the fact that candidates aim to invest their time, finances and efforts in their MBA prospection, let us […]

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Did You Miss Out On The First Round Of Applications For MBA Admissions?

Most business schools, especially the ones in the US, have around 2-3 rounds of applications submission. This is primarily to reduce the load of applications they receive. The first round generally ends in late September to early October, the second round in early January and the final round in early April. These are rounds of […]

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Case Study: NBA: The Cult of Highest Paid Sportsmen

For America, NBA is life. It is the Christmas Day feast’s best helping. For what has now become a religion of sorts with its reach increasing to the entire globe, we look at what makes NBA the cult it is. A lesser known fact is that NBA sportsmen are the highest paid for any sports […]

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Seven Things To Absolutely Avoid In Your Emails and Cover Letters

As we have discussed in our earlier articles, the covering letters are the first set of communication that you have with your possibly next educational institute. As much as it is important to be real in communication and original in thoughts, there are a few sharp edges that you should absolutely avoid. Let’s uncover a […]

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