Questions to ask at an informational session organized by a top b-school

The round one deadlines are very near and several top b-schools are organizing road shows or informational sessions in cities all over the world. In a previous blog post, we informed our readers that they should take the opportunity to visit the information session organized by a b-school to establish your seriousness about the application.

So you sought out the information and figured out a nearby place where the  bschool will be performing its informational session and showed up. What next? What are you going to ask the admissions committee ?

Few of you will be intimidated by suddenly coming in contact with the admissions committee ( since an in-personal information session is a rare possibility ) , and might not know how to react to it. We’re here to help you overcome that situation and make it work in your favor.

If you do get a chance to interact directly with an admissions committee member, try talking to them about your future career goals and you should have some first hand information that can be used in your material for the “Why do you want to join our b-school?” question.

Ideally you should be honest and ask any questions that you have in mind because the information is only going to enhance your chances at getting more information about the b-school. Take notes during the presentation or dig into secondary sources of information and have a set of questions handy that you would want to know more about from the representatives. Ask real questions and do not stress about figuring out a brilliant question that will make people notice you.

As long as you are polite and professional, there’s no need to be worried.

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