Social Media and Business Education: Why You Should Keep an MBA Blog

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Today is the era of social media saturation where everyone is trying to mark their presence        on a social media platform. If you are a student and looking forward to secure your future in business, it is significant to start making social media a priority. Social Media empowers students to construct groups, correspond with alternate people and scholastic staff. However, the process of utilizing social media as a part of an expert environment might be worth figuring out where learners and staff use social media for education purposes. Social media furnishes MBA students with an approach to enlarge their expert systems, get value from meetings they can’t physically go to and nurture their communication skills.


Being a business school student you are more concerned with your job prospects, and think that blogs and social media are for fun right? Well no, that’s wrong. Social media especially blogging today, is an essential approach to having an online existence. You can post your ideas, lessons learnt and knowledge in a chronological order. Your blog will not only keep a track of your progress but also will enable your future employer to review what you actually know.


Just as the use of social media has sharply grown over the past few years in the general population, the number of students devoted to the digital revolution while completing their MBA degrees has seen growth as well. The following points will justify why an MBA student should keep a blog:

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Your Blog Works As Your Online Portfolio:

When an MBA student submits his or her resume to an employer, it should contain the blog address so that the employer instantly finds out that the student is technologically sound and virtually independent. An MBA blog can say a thousand words more than a two-page resume. It doesn’t simply need to go about as a portfolio but it can present connections to a long range of interpersonal communication profiles which allows the employer to assess the student.


Make Connections With Industry Experts:


Through blogging, you can get to know the broader community in your field and researchers you have never met before. As far as networking is concerned, blogging can be connected with various other social media websites. By adding social networking websites with the blog, a person can easily direct other experts and professionals to his or her blog.

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Blogging Enhances Your Knowledge:


Blogging can be used to increase knowledge if an MBA student wishes to understand the process of conducting online business some time in the future. Moreover, since there is a swarm of blogs present online, MBA students can learn a lot more than just conducting business. Bloggers specialized in different areas are connected by one blogging community where MBA students can interact with other bloggers as well and understand how business administration and technology are going hand in hand together.


Blogging allows Businesses to interact with potential clients:

MBA students can use their blogging techniques to extend their business expertise. A person can write and interact with people online where he gets a chance to turn readers into potential clients. This is why many company websites have added professional blogs to their websites as well which gives them a platform to interact and share fun things about the business from time to time.


Keeping an MBA blog is one of the best procedures for “showing thought leadership”. This is ideal for the individuals who may not be as productive in the classroom as they might be on paper. Blogs have provided a platform for MBA students to voice their emotions, learnings, findings and also have an existence virtually.


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