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  • Questions to ask at an informational session organized by a top b-school

    The round one deadlines are very near and several top b-schools are organizing road shows or informational sessions in cities all over the world. In a previous blog post, we informed our readers that they should take the opportunity to visit the information session organized by a b-school to establish your seriousness about the application.…

  • Not visiting the Schools – A Disadvantage?

    B-school applicants experience a moment of panic as they begin to work on their MBA applications for round 1. You realize that the September and October deadlines are just around the corner and you won’t have time to visit any schools before their materials are due! The question you might be facing is if not visiting…

  • Is a great Business School a good Entrepreneurship School ?

    I am an entrepreneur, one who started up as a teen and at many events, conferences and startup journey sessions, the audience (mostly at B-Schools) inevitably asks – Did having an MBA degree benefit you as an entrepreneur ? The blogosphere is full of successful entrepreneurs who have strong opinions on this topic. I thought I…

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