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Online MBA Guide – All your Online MBA course related questions end here

What is an Online MBA? Once upon a time, fathers used to say with pride, “My son is a graduate.”  Graduation was treated as a quite prestigious degree in that time. After some years, the job market made the students bound to think that graduation is not enough to get a high quality job. Then, […]

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As an MBA applicant, Topics you should know (Part 1): Green Management

A lot is being talked about how corporations across the globe are trying to strike a balance between financial motives and environmentally sustainable processes. As MBA aspirants, this issue becomes important to know and discuss because when you’re at either the admissions or the placement table, this hot favorite and controversial topic can pull fingers. […]

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How to Think like a Leader

From Barack Obama to Angela Merkel, Steve Jobs to Ratan Tata, leaders are people with substance. The vibes of confidence and never-say-die handling of scrutiny and pressure are virtues which set them apart from everyone in the crowd. Not by birth but by hard work and persistence, leaders are people we look up to and […]

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Financial management made easy – The MBA finance cheat sheet

For all MBA’s who are finding it difficult to learn all those formulae for their financial management assignments, we’ve come up with a MBA finance cheat sheet for you. If you like what you see, show some love by sharing it on your social profiles. Profitability Return on capital employed = (operating profit / share capital + […]

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Pursuing an MBA – The working professional Perspective

MBA is a career option which is highlighted a lot and is a dream career for a lot of students and working people. Different people have different views regarding an MBA degree but what allures most people towards pursuing an MBA can be described in three scenarios: Scenario 1 – The fat pay checks that […]

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