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Top Reasons Why Businesses Fail in Start

Photo: tibco Every year thousand of business starts and most of them fail in the first year. According to Department of Trade and Industry, every year almost 400,000 businesses start their progress, but in the first years of their business, one fifth of this total number fail. There are some reasons due to which these […]

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Seven Things To Absolutely Avoid In Your Emails and Cover Letters

As we have discussed in our earlier articles, the covering letters are the first set of communication that you have with your possibly next educational institute. As much as it is important to be real in communication and original in thoughts, there are a few sharp edges that you should absolutely avoid. Let’s uncover a […]

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Why US b-schools recruit a large number of international students

Many debates have a point of view that if immigration denies jobs to U.S. citizens,then international students deny places in our colleges and universities to U.S. citizens. Why do U.S. b-schools recruit international students and arrange for their accommodation? Robert F. Bruner, Dean at Darden explain his side of the story in his blog . Republished […]

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Financial management made easy – The MBA finance cheat sheet

For all MBA’s who are finding it difficult to learn all those formulae for their financial management assignments, we’ve come up with a MBA finance cheat sheet for you. If you like what you see, show some love by sharing it on your social profiles. Profitability Return on capital employed = (operating profit / share capital + […]

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Top B Schools under GMAT and Their Specializations

For anyone aspiring to get into a business school, the first hurdle is the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). Forget about the other hurdles downstream if the GMAT is not successfully scaled. But how high must you jump to clear it? How high can a GMAT get? There is no specific number but a “ballpark […]

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Pursuing an MBA – The working professional Perspective

MBA is a career option which is highlighted a lot and is a dream career for a lot of students and working people. Different people have different views regarding an MBA degree but what allures most people towards pursuing an MBA can be described in three scenarios: Scenario 1 – The fat pay checks that […]

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