Tips to stay within your B-School Essays word limit

With B schools updating their essay practices, a lot of MBA applicants struggle to stay within the set word limit on b school essays. The university of darden last year had restricted itself to 140 words/ tweets. That’s innovative!

When you sit down to write answers to the questions asked, you find you have lots to write .. way over the set limit. How can you stay within your b-school essays word limit?

Here are some tips :

1.) Bring Focus : For every story that you want to tell, there is a background that you would want to make people acquainted with. While its very intuitive to get into that, remember that sometimes you can reveal a lot more about yourself by actually saying less. Focus like a laser and communicate exactly what you absolutely want to put across.

2.) Answer the question : A lot of essays answers are in a story telling format that are very fascinating and they do everything but answer the question. While that skill may be great for a political career, please leave it at the door. Answer the question and only the question directly.

3.)  Take your time : Each answer needs a lot of thought and the choicest of words to communicate it. Each word counts so do not hurry into the process. Take as much time as required and run the answers by people you confide in. You can also take help from a professional to clear the clutter and maintain brevity.

Sometimes the shortest statements hold the greatest power!

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