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The best business school in Southern California, the UCLA Anderson School of Management is also widely considered to be among the top few business schools in the West which the students can consider to build their career. The school is known for both, it’s beautiful grounds and architecture as it is for its laid back and friendly students. Alongside, it also offers its applicants a great path to the vast Los Angeles job market. With Hollywood’s heavy presence in this market, Anderson is a great option for applicants with an aspiration of putting their MBAs to use in the entertainment industry. This apart, the school’s public standing makes it a great option for residents of California, who wish to attend at a low rate of tuition institute and yet don’t want to compromise on the quality of the institute they wish to get in.

 Admissions and Tuition:

Each year, the admissions committee of Anderson is charged with a tough task of admitting less than 800 candidates from a talented applicant pool of up to 3,000. This means that the college intakes only around 27%, showing how judicious it is while selecting the quality of students. To pick up these quality students and to ensure themselves that they do not regret their decision making,, the committee at Anderson considers numerous aspects of an application, perhaps none more important than the applicant’s perceived preparedness and specific interest in Anderson’s MBA program. As such, it is imperative for candidates to answer the following questions in their application: How Anderson, more so than other business schools, fits into their career plans, and why the timing of their application is appropriate?

Apart from these primary concerns, students hoping to be competitive in Anderson’s admission processes should take care to ensure that all other aspects of their application are up to the schools required standard. While Anderson does not adhere to any fix set of statistical qualifications in its admission process.  However, on an average GMAT scores for entering classes at Anderson are generally above 700, while average GPAs hover around the 3.6 mark.
Along with these two statistical requirements, work experience is also an important factor in decisions as the average student in one recent class entered with almost 5 years of professional experience. However while students with a work-ex have an edge, the school admits that it has inducted students with little or no work experience in the past. By displaying strengths in these areas, students can have admission security. However, it is not only the quantitative statistics which are important in the admission process but qualitative factors which are equally important. Hence, students contemplating to take admission in The University of California- Los Angeles have to be strong in qualitative factors like essays and letters of recommendation, for maximizing their chances of being among the lucky 30% that are typically offered admission at Anderson during each cycle.

Among these lucky applicants, one might say that the most fortunate are those who are residents of the state of California. This is because, such candidates find Anderson as a considerably cheaper option. This is because of the school’s public standing allows them to claim a lower rate of tuition to in-state students. For the academic year 2008-2009 resident tuition is estimated at $31,760, while non-resident tuition is estimated at $39,050.

Academics and Curriculum:

Before they embark on the rigorous and required first year curriculum at Anderson, incoming students partake in the five-day Leadership Foundations course, which familiarizes them with their classmates, their professors, their school, and their curriculum. At this point, students are divided into batches of 72, during which they study together with their section-mates in their first year and often in their second year as well. These sections can be a stabilizing and comforting force for first-year students, who must quickly adapt to a level of academic rigor that they are unlikely to have previously experienced. As they begin their second and final year at Anderson, students can select their academic pursuits by choosing one of several career paths, which guide students in elective selection and allow them to focus on the areas that are most relevant to their career plans. This aspect of the Anderson curriculum is highly valued by the school’s students, as it allows them the freedom they look for in choosing electives without depriving them of the guidance and peace of mind that come along with school-designed curriculums. While students that enroll in Anderson’s entrepreneurship and entertainment career paths are taking advantage of the school’s traditional strengths, all of the school’s students will likely come away with a fulfilling educational experience, as a school of Anderson’s caliber typically offers a solid curriculum in all areas.

Quality of Life:

 In terms of location and weather, Anderson students could hardly ask for a better situation. The school’s campus is situated close to the coastline and near famed areas of Los Angeles such as Bel Air and Beverly Hills, while the area’s weather is close to ideal throughout the year. Many students mention the fact that they are able to wear flip-flops to class in traditional winter months as one of the most enjoyable parts of their Anderson experience.

The social lives of Anderson students also plays a pivotal role in making MBA years memorable for the students thanks to the school and its student organizations reportedly host over 150 social events throughout the year. Of course, the city of Los Angeles, with its countless bars and glamorous clubs, provides additional opportunities for socialization and relaxation to students, who will certainly not run out of ways to spend their free time while at Anderson. If there is a common complaint among students of Anderson, it is that the school’s lack of on-campus and business-school specific housing deprives students of the sort of familial atmosphere enjoyed by students at other schools. Although some lucky students do live in UCLA housing, most rent apartments off campus and commute, often dealing with the parking problems typically associated with large urban campuses. The cost of living in Los Angeles, as should be expected, could also be perceived as a negative factor for Anderson students, although many would consider such costs a small price to pay for the chance to earn such a prestigious degree in such a beautiful setting.

Employment Prospects:

Thanks in large part to the efforts of Anderson’s Parker Career Management Center (CMS), the Students of the The University of California- Los Angeles (Anderson) have enjoyed tremendous job prospects in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California and will continue to enjoy the position. Alongside, the Parker CMC conducts various programs to assist students in their job search. These include one-on-one career counseling sessions, numerous career workshops, and the Career Coaches program, in which trained second-year students assist their first-year counterparts in all aspects of the job search to help them reap similar benefits. Campus recruiting sessions coordinated by the Parker CMC are also an indispensable part of students’ job searches, typically serving as the source for about one-fourth of the job offers accepted by Anderson students. In all, an impressive 95% of the school’s students have at least one job offer within 3 months of graduation and 92% of students have accepted an offer.

A very large majority of the school’s graduates, at times up to 80%, typically stay in California to begin their post-MBA careers, leaving a fairly small number of students scattered throughout the rest of the country and the world. Although some may take this to be a sign of a lack of job prospects outside of California for Anderson students, the data could also be interpreted as evidence of claim for those California students who spend time in the country would rarely choose to leave the state. A direct implication of the statistics would be that students hoping to find work outside of California will certainly be in for a tougher job search. However, given Anderson’s reputation in business circles and the size of the school’s alumni network, such students should not consider any region to be out of their reach.

In Sum:

For elite applicants hoping to find employment in the state of California and are ready to forego their two years salary for a premium amount, the UCLA Anderson School of Management should be among the top options. The school’s beautiful setting and friendly students make for an enjoyable MBA experience, while its flexible curriculum and dedicated career services office prepare students for post-MBA success and better future.

Contact Information:

110 Westwood Plaza

Suite B201

Los Angeles, CA 90095

Quick Reference:

2009 U.S. News Ranking: 11th

Average GMAT score: 704

Average undergraduate GPA: 3.6

Application fee: $175

Application deadline: 4/23

Entering class size: 359

Yearly Tuition: Resident: $31,760, Non-Resident: $39,050 (2008-2009)

Percent of graduates employed 3 months after graduation: 95%

Average starting salary and bonus: $115,318

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