What MBA Program Suits You Best

One day you went through the latest news on the company bulletin board. And there, prominently standing out from the usual company titbits is an announcement for a vacant position a couple of levels higher than yours.

The qualifications fit your employment profile to a Tee, except for one thing. At the bottom of the long list of qualifications is written – “An MBA degree is required.”


For the past couple of years, younger guys have been passing you by faster than Formula One race cars. The reason? They were riding on sparkling new MBA wheels.

If these circumstances, or something similar, are too familiar with you, and are getting on your nerves, it is probably time to sweeten your Resume’ a little bit, don’t you think so?

So getting an MBA has crossed your mind several times. But with the college loan still unpaid, or you are just starting a family, or you are working your butt off to meet other obligations, and so many other reasons, getting one seems an impossible dream.

Well, a dream remains impossible if you allow it to, and you don’t know how to fit an MBA program into your schedule and, probably, your budget. Here’s how:

Online MBA programs:

This is perfect for people in the work force or those who don’t like the commute too much.

Online MBA is becoming increasingly popular among people wanting to get ahead with their careers but are constrained to do it on campus. Top-ranked business schools like the University of North Carolina’s Kenan –Flaglar Business School, are offering online MBA programs to attract executives, world-wide.

Stanford has introduced an online program that allows students to indicate the fields and companies they are interested in so that it can provide the necessary connections with those firms.

In a comment to the Wall Street Journal, Pulin Sanghvi, director of Stanford’s career management centre said, “We are almost able to act like an eHarmony between students, alumni and companies.”

In an online program, students attend classes and meetings online, in real-time, or via forums.

One of the great things about an online MBA, with the advent of the latest technologies, is the convenience and practical way for one to improve his/her skills and knowledge.

When applying for this program, be sure to check the course structure and eligibility restrictions. Some programs focus more on a particular area while others on something else. Check which one is best suited for you.

Part-time MBA programs:

If an online program is not for you, but are still limited in time, go for a part-time MBA.

This type of program, now offered by prominent business schools, is gaining acceptance as it offers the best of both worlds:

–  People can still keep their jobs while interacting with other students in similar situations;

– They offer flexibility and convenience for people who want to improve their education and skills set, but are limited in time and budget.

 A One – Year Full Time MBA:

This is ideal for those who have a stash of money somewhere and can afford to have a year-long sabbatical.

As the name suggests, this lasts for a year and is very intensive and fast paced compared to a regular MBA. A typical one-year full time program may combine theory and practical work experience which is good in giving you a more well-rounded education in a short span of time.

By its very nature, a one-year full time MBA offers very limited slots, and you have to meet criteria to be eligible for enrolment.

Several top-ranked business schools are offering this type of MBA program but the eligibility requirements, course content and structure may vary from one to the other. It is recommended that you do your homework in choosing which institution to apply for to get the most out of the program.

A one-year full-time MBA is a great way to improve your career prospects without having to spend too much time away from work.

A Two – Year Full Time MBA:

If you have very specific long-term goals and are not in a hurry to roll up your sleeves and dig in to work, this type of program would suit you best.

This program, spread out over two academic years, may offer several months of internship enabling the students to relate classroom theories with the practical realities of the work place.

Though the emphasis is on gaining knowledge rather than practical experience, these two-year full-time programs are designed to prepare the students for the cutting-edge and highly pressured business environment by giving them the skills to survive therein.

Of course, this is a full time program where total dedication and commitment is a must to get the most out of your investment.


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