Why you should secure a seat at a top b-school and then drop out !

In her recent column at the Newyorker , Laura Hemphill, a Lehman Brothers alum-turned-novelist dropped a bomb on the faults of our gender bias within the education system. Her column advocated reasons on “WHY WOMEN SHOULD SKIP BUSINESS SCHOOL”

Quoting examples of global CEO’s like Marissa Mayer, of Yahoo; Jeff Bezos, of Amazon.com; Ginni Rometty, of I.B.M none of whom have an MBA, she figured it isn’t necessary to get an MBA to succeed in life.

Her second observation was on the intake system at various top b-schools. According to her, if a person can secure a seat at a top b-school, then s/he holds immense potential already and should not waste her time or money ( as much as 180 thousand dollars at harvard) at a b-school.

She’s of the opinion that there are better alternatives to an MBA degree and even if you somehow manage to complete your MBA from a top b-school, the competitive advantage you have over others is only temporary.

While her article focuses on women and an MBA degree, many of those reasons hold true for every MBA applicant, regardless of his gender, age, nationality, and other parameters.

To think of it from her point of view. If you are applying to Harvard, Stanford, Wharton or the top 100 b-schools of the world and manage to secure a seat – Drop out. You will save a lot of time and money, and impress a lot of VC’s in the process.

Start a company, employ people, burn those 180,000 $ by running a company and raise a few million from VC’s . And if you fail, you can always go back to the next best b-school 😉

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